The first patents invest organization of China.

About Us:
Innovation is the driving force to promote the continuous progress of mankind!
Every year, there are large numbers of innovations and inventions be created, but these sparks of wisdom had extremely rare opportunities to be put into practice.
What is the problem -
It is not that we have no inventors. It is also not that we haven't professionals that want to realize these patents...
What we need is a mechanism that can benefit all the participants and reduce the risk during the process of putting patents into practice.
This is what we are doing!
We build a platform. On this platform, we establish a mechanism that every participant can benefit from the process of realizing the inventions. And also, every participant does his best to reduce the risks on the support of the platform.
We gather together inventors, legal experts, investors, business experts, and we work together to put valuable patents into practice and realize our personal value.
Welcome anybody who interests in this great thing join us!

Innovation News:




Intellectual Property


7 Generation Paper Diapers

The 7 generation paper diapers that can reduce adverse effects on the health of babies. Especially can protect the testis of boy babies. And the 7G paper diapers also have many other benefits.?



Super secret cards

A kind of secret digital cards or U disc that can not be decoded forever.



Facilitate sealing device of flexible plastic bags

An easy used sealing device of flexible plastic bags. It is low cost and funny.


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